LE VIEUX FRÊNE  (ouvert toute l'année/ open all year)
            LE VIEUX FRÊNE     (ouvert toute l'année/ open all year)

English spoken

As a retired English teacher, Daniel is always very pleased to accomodate English-speaking visitors and help them to make the most of their holiday at " Le Vieux Frene"

Links for English- speaking visitors

Click on this link (or paste it  in your browser) Then, on the site, click on the Union Jack in the top right-hand corner. Choose the region of AUVERGNE and the departement of PUY DE DOME; You will find LE VIEUX FRENE in the list  " all our other B&Bs " at the bottom of the page.





If you are choir singers maybe you would like to know that both Marie-France and I sing at


                            CANTO GENERAL AUVERGNE


                                   (see their website)








TARIF 2020




 60€/nuitée pour les 3 premières, 50€/nuitée pour toutes les suivantes



Voir aussi  la rubrique des : CHEQUES VACANCES

et aussi


ainsi que celle des : BONS-CADEAUX

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